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Version 2.9.3

Last update 1 month ago (4 Dec., 2020).
See changelog.

Collector card NEW

New approach to learn more about your visitors directly from them. It replaces pre-chat form (which is old-fashioned) and appears just after visitors initiate a chat.

Screest Live Chat - Collector Card

Chat console rocks!

You have simple but powerful console for your chat conversations. Use it with your team together.

Screest Chat Console - Preview

Chat history

Visitors can see previous conversations when they come back to your website.

Offline form

When no one is available, Live Chat falls back to a completely different UI, so customer expectations are always in line with the level of service you’re able to provide in that moment.

Returning customers

Your visitors can continue chat where they left off.

Visitors extension

Learn even more about your visitors! Browser/device info, country and local time.

Screets Live Chat - Chat console with Visitors Extension

Visitors extension

Buy extension (+$25)


Display on specific pages
You don't have to offer chat everywhere to ever customer. You can choose which pages to show up chat box.
Customize chat widget
Change colors, widget size and position (bottom left or bottom right).
Multiple operators
Create your team and answer questions together through one chat console!
GDPR Compliance
LC is secure and compatible with new law GDPR. We're continue working on for better compliance.
Translate (multilingual)
All messages appear on your chatbox can be translated directly from chat options. It is also possible to translate in multilingual with WPML or free plugin Polylang.
E-mail notifications
If your customer starts a new chat or send offline message, you will be notified by email.
Contact form
You can show up contact form to your visitors when there is no operator is online.
Free updates
Future updates are free and LC is always tested by latest WordPress and PHP.

Great plugin with great developing progress. Customer Support is extremely helpful. The Chat itself is lightweight and doesn't effect site loading. Highly recommended chat plugin!

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For your next project including all features

$25 / one time
  • 100 1 users at the same time
  • Single domain
  • Free updates
  • 6 months support

All features ready for your unlimited projects

$75 / one time
  • 100 1 users at the same time
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free updates
  • 6 months support 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?
A user is equivalent to one mobile device or browser tab connected to the chat simultaneously. User can be both visitor or operator.
How many users can chat at one time?
100 users can connect chat simultaneously. For instance, if 5 operators are connected to the chat console, 95 visitors are able to start chat and receive messages.
Differences between Complete and Unlimited?
Both products are identical. Only difference is license. You can install on single domain with "Complete" license. However, it is possible to install LiveChat on unlimited domains with "Unlimited" license.
Future updates are free?
Yes. You can update your LiveChat directly from your WordPress Dashboard through Screets servers.
Is it one-time fee?
Yes. There is no monthly payments.
Is Screets Live Chat safe?
Yes, absolutely! Check Jetpack's security page.
Can visitors talk with each other?
No. LiveChat is designed for sales and support. The chat is only between operator and customer.
Does LiveChat have mobile application?
No. It's planned for the next major update. However, visitors can talk with operator on their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
Can i upgrade from Complete to Unlimited?
Yes. You can upgrade Unlimited license anytime by purchasing that item: Upgrade Package
Do i get support for all my domains if i purchase "Unlimited" license?
No. Although you can install your LiveChat on unlimited domains with your Unlimited license, only one-domain is supported. You will want to purchase "Complete" license for each other domains you'd like to get support.
Why LiveChat is so cute?
Pedro Alonso is also cute. Just to know that 😌

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