LiveChat - Night Bird Edition

LC is designed for sales and support and now it uses real-time technology in chat transmissions. Feel free to install your new chat widget into your WordPress website.

Version: 2.3 (Last update: 27 November 2017)


$75 / one time
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free updates
  • 6 months support (*)

Visitors already know how to use it.

A human live chat experience for your web visitors. Have personal conversations with modern real-time messaging.

Help customers quickly, in real-time.

Collaborate with other operators and talk with your visitors at the same time.

Question & Answer.

What's LiveChat for?
It is a WordPress chat plugin designed for sales and support.
Differences between Complete and Unlimited?
Both products are identical. Only difference is license. You can install on single domain with "Complete" license. However, it is possible to install LiveChat on unlimited domains with "Unlimited" license.
Future updates are free?
Yes. You can update your LiveChat directly from your WordPress Dashboard through Screets servers.
Can i upgrade from Complete to Unlimited?
Yes. If you have a "Complete" license, you can upgraded into "Unlimited" by purchasing that item: Upgrade Package
Do i get support for all my domains if i purchase "Unlimited" license?
No. Although you can install your LiveChat on unlimited domains with your Unlimited license, only one-domain is supported. You will want to purchase "Complete" license for each other domains you'd like to get support.
Can visitors talk with each other?
No. LiveChat is designed for sales and support. The chat is only between operator and customer.
What's the future plans for LiveChat?
We're working on the next major version called "Lone Wolf". If you're interested, please check it out:
Does LiveChat have mobile application?
No. It's planned for the next major update. However, visitors can talk with operator on their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
Is it one-time fee?
Yes. There is no monthly payments.
Why LiveChat is so cute?
Brad Pitt is also cute. Just to know that 😌

Your customers on your website.
Talk to them.

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