Pay once for your beautiful chat widget.


For your next project

$25 / one time
  • 1 project
  • 2.000 [1] monthly chats
  • 5.000 monthly page views
  • Single domain
  • Up to 2 operators [2]
  • 100MB storage for file uploads
  • Free updates
  • 6 months support


1 project for unlimited domains

$75 / one time
  • 1 project
  • 5.000 [1] monthly chats
  • 20.000 monthly page views
  • Unlimited domains
  • Up to 5 operators [2]
  • 256MB storage for file uploads
  • Free updates
  • 6 months support
[1]: Total number of chats for all domains (resets monthly)
[2]: Total number of operators you can create for all domains


Can I get refund?

You purchase the item on Envato Market. Envato policy usually accepts refunds when you've problem the author (screets) can't fix. Envato Refund Policy

What happens if I need more capacity and features?

Although there is no option to extend capacity (for instance, more operators, storage, apps, etc.), we'll add this feature soon and improve it.

Is there monthly payments?

Currently there is NO any monthly payments and all plans are one-time fee. Our aim to keep screets Chat one-time fee as much as possible.

Just like in legacy version (2.x) with Firebase, you will be able to upgrade your plan or purchase add-ons if you require more.

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