Version 2.8.6 - 4 November 2019
+   Added Taiwan Chinese language support (thanks to Myron Pai)
+   Supports WordPress 5.3 and newer versions
+   Compatible with PHP 7.3
*   "Hide on mobile devices" option now uses wp_is_mobile function for better compatibility
Version 2.8.5 - 16 Jul 2019
+   Added "Don't track visitor in real-time" feature in general options to be helpful when you have high usage in real-time database
!   Now LC uses even less real-time database sources
Version 2.8.4 - 26 June 2019
*   Now offline form notification emails can be replied to visitor (not site email)
!   Chat widget was shown up on different IE versions. Now hidden from all
!   Fixed paste issue on reply
Version 2.8.3 - 2 January 2019
!   Fixed undefined HTTP_USER_AGENT error
!   Fixed conflict with other JWT libraries
!   Fixed WPML translating for response times
Version 2.8.2 - 30 July 2018
+   Added 'default' option to "Always show up on homepage/blog-related pages" to prevent conflicts with "Hide on mobile devices" display option
*   Downgrade to Firebase 4.13.0 (from 5.2.0) to be compatible with all WP installations
!   Fixed saving chat options issue for other user roles like Editor, Author, etc...
Version 2.8.1 - 24 July 2018
*   Updated Firebase video for new Firebase UI
*   Added security rules introduction in real-time database options
Version 2.8.0 - 18 July 2018
+   Added "collector card"
+   Added "solved" and "not solved" feedback in chat console
+   Added "show up for logged in WP users only" option
+   Added "Arabian" translation (thanks to General Satam)
*   Firebase is updated into 5.2.0 (from 4.8.2)
*   Removed Christmas background theme
!   Fixed appearance issue on vote buttons in chat widget
!   Fixed issue on non-latin characters in chat console like Hebrew, Chinese...
!   Fixed flash.svg 404 PHP warning
!   Fixed missing operator name appearing on other chat notifications where other operators handle in chat console
Version 2.7.2 - 16 May 2018
+   Added acceptance checkbox into offline form for better GDPR compliance
Version 2.7.1 - 14 May 2018
+   Made compatible with Screets Docs:
+   Added "lcx_widget_assets" hook for adding additional styles and scripts for chat widget
+   Added "send" button to reply box for mobile view
*   Updated to Firebase 4.13.0
*   Updated default.po file with some removed strings
*   Chat widget height is better for desktop view
-   Chat widget doesn't load on IE browsers
Version 2.7.0 - 20 April 2018
+   Added "Hide when all operators are offline" feature in general chat options
+   Embed your custom fonts directly from chat options for your chat widget.
+   Added US date format in chat options
+   Added chat console URL in email notifications
+   Added "I agree to the privacy policy" checkbox in offline form for EU GDPR compatibility
+   Added "reset operators data" button in chat console. It is good to delete ex-operators
*   Load last 100 chats to improve chat console performance. Archive chats to see other ones.
*   Updated to Firebase 4.12.1
!   Fixed js error appears on fron-end when current chat operator is not exists anymore
!   Fixed two times saving options to update chat design 
!   Fixed unwanted slashes in custom css
!   Fixed the issue "except pages" in general options
!   Fixed "Options" string translation issue. Now it can be translated
!   Fixed Firefox bug on reply box
!   Fixed WPML translation issue for unlogged visitors
Version 2.6.1 - 22 March 2018
+   Multilingual compatibility (WPML and Polylang plugins)
+   Added "custom css" box in design options directly for chat widget.
!   Fixed unexpected popup view in front-end
!   Fixed offline form sending issue faced in some WP installations
Version 2.6.0 - 15 March 2018
+   Better UI for chat box and starter
+   Working in iframe (improves your page load performance)
+   Offline form
+   Show online operators (when online) and recently active operators (when li>operator is online)
+   Now set both horizontal & vertical offsets separately
+   Visitors can "end chat"
+   Visitors can vote ended chat (solved / unsolved)
+   New chat sounds for visitors
+   Operators see visitors current page url without local domain. It is clean now (i.e. "" will be changed with "/about")
*   Chats list performance is improved
*   Go to conversations when a chat deleted automatically
*   Updated phpscss into 0.7.4
*   A chat will be unarchived if visitor sends new message
!   Fixed unsupported URL in file_get_contents in some PHP servers
!   Fixed saving options error in old PHP versions
!   Fixed "chat console" link in top admin bar
!   Fixed sending chat logs to wrong email while ending chat
-   (removed) Pre-chat box
Version 2.5.2 - 13 February 2018
!   Fixed saving options in ancient PHP versions 5.4 and newer
Version 2.5.1 - 31 January 2018
*   Updated console.css file
!   Fixed some installation conflicts on real-time database
Version 2.5.0 - 31 January 2018
+   Archive chat
+   Delete chat
+   Re-join chat when its closed
+   Online/offline buttons for operators
+   Now you can set response times by online/offline status
+   Shows recently active operators to visitors
+   Edit basic visitor profile info (name, email, etc.)
+   Convert plain URLs into clickable links in chat messages
*   Improved compatibility with WP themes & plugins
-   (Deprecated) Pre-chat height option (now it's calculated automatically).
Version 2.4.0 [Major update] - 23 January 2018
+   New UI design
+   Better user authentication
+   Multiple conversation
+   Random visitor names
+   Case numbers
+   Email transcripts
*   Updated Firebase into 4.8.2
Version 2.3.0 - 6 December 2017
+   Updated licenses: Complete (Regular License) and Unlimited (100% GPL)
+   You can see offline messages in admin panel
+   Added honeypot against bots
+   Added logo width for email templates
*   Improved user authentication
*   Updated to latest version of Firebase 4.6.2
!   Fixed sound notifications issue
!   Fixed colorpicker issue comes with WP 4.9 update
!   Fixed losing email information of visitor after refresh the page
Version 2.2.8 - 3 March 2017
!   You can see updates in WP dashboard
!   Fixed unknown user agent issue that occurs on some PHP/Apache servers
!   Fixed SSL conflict that occurs in some WP installations
Version 2.2.7 - 25 February 2017
*   Removed country information to prevent .
!   Fixed update server. No problem with auto-updates anymore
!   Fixed SSL issue.
Version 2.2.6 - 3 December 2016
+   Added Live Chat box to Appearance > Menus to manage your site menus
+   Added Turkish language support
*   Fixed the console error when unknown user data update that crashes the console
!   Fixed multiple emails issue for site notification emails
Version 2.2.5 - 2 October 2016
+   Supports WordPress 4.6+
*   Operators can see "Restart" button in console settings
*   Updated titan framework into 1.10
!   Fixed SSL issue. Now fully supported
!   Fixed broken icons issue (front-end)
!   Fixed back-end options errors when the language is different than English
!   Fixed font-color in design chat options
Version 2.2.4 - 22 July 2016
*   Updated to Firebase 3.2.0
*   Removed "logout" and "database" buttons from chat settings found in chat console
!   Fixed WPML 3.4 compatibility. Now it is working with WPML 3.2 and all newer versions.
!   Fixed operator display name issue
!   Fixed "restart" button issue found in chat console > settings
Version 2.2.3 - 1 July 2016
!   Fixed 403 error happens in some PHP/Apache server installations.
Version 2.2.2 - 26 June 2016
+   Added WPML support (WPML 3.2 and newer versions)
    +   Supports wp-content/languages/screets-chat folder to add your translations like
    !   Fixed online/offline issue
Version 2.2.1 - 24 June 2016
!   Fixed wrong redirection on front-end when Firebase info are missing in integration options
Version 2.2.0 - 24 June 2016
+   Supporting new Firebase API v3 (you should migrate too if you update)
Version 2.1.5 - 10 June 2016
!   Fixed Gravity Forms plugin compatibility 
Version 2.1.4 - 29 May 2016
+   Compatible with PHP 7
*   Because of some email services only accept verified domains, now FROM part of all notification emails changed with your site email. However, REPLY-TO part will be filled out with visitors' email as long as they provided an email.
!   Fixed wrong site email address used for notification emails
!   Fixed refreshing page issue when visitor clicks enter to submit to form (all forms)
Version 2.1.3 - 21 April 2016
!   Fixed autofill issue on forms :)
*   WP 4.5 compatibility
*   Removed "Ideas" button from chat options
*   Using wp_get_current_user() function instead of old get_currentuserinfo()
Version 2.1.2 - 21 March 2016
+   Now you can disable new visitor and new message notifications in Chat Console > Settings
!   Fixed operator name issue. Click "restart" button (Chat Console > Settings) after updating operator info in your user profile
!   Fixed the issue when WPML plugin is active
Version 2.1.1 - 27 Jan 2016
+   Added "Send" button for mobile visitors
+   Added timeago for visitors when they joined the chat (chat console)
+   Added shortcode: [cx-button]Live chat[/cx-button]
+   Added reset CSS to make it more compatible with all themes
+   Added "Force to use as default operator avatar" option for site logo
+   Now chat widget fully responsive
*   Removed IE support script from back-end
*   Improved console UI
*   OPs can't reply when they're offline just like visitors
*   Changed admin menu icon of Live Chat
*   Changed "Refresh" and "Erase data" buttons in chat console settings with "Re-login" and "Restart" buttons which are more useful
!   Unknown cities not show up as "false" anymore in chat console..
!   Fixed "Online/offline" status
!   Now visitors hear sound notifications
!   Post-chat popup can be disabled now
!   Fixed "Hide when offline" option.. Widget doesn't show up even there is active conversation when all operators offline
Version 2.1 - 4 January 2016
+   Added social links (appears in post-chat and offline modes)
+   Added "Chat logs" link
+   Added "End chat" link
+   Added "Email chat history"
+   Added "Specific pages & categories" feature in general options
+   Added "x is typing..." notification for both operator and visitor
+   Added Polylang support (multilingual translations)
+   Added post-chat popup
+   Added "Email chat history" button in postchat
+   Added new hook: "schat_email_chat_subject"
+   Added functionality to clean up junk users on page load (in chat console)
*   Custom CSS is embedded in Titan Framework. Now design options and your custom CSS codes are more compatible with themes and plugins
*   Added all front-end links rel="nofollow" attribute to help search engines
*   The notifications in chat conversation (i.e. "x" is joined chat) can be also seen by operators 
*   Changed "Enable" option value with "Show" & "Hidden" to make compatible with new feature "Specific pages & categories"
*   Removed strings that can be translated in chat options (i.e. "Your name", "Email") from PO file in languages folder
!   Fixed addEventListener issue on chat console for Chat Operator users
!   Hides "We're online" notification in offline form when all operators are offline
!   Fixed shadow/light issue. Its showing right now
!   Fixed Pushover. Its sending notifications now
!   Fixed page sliding issue when visitor opens the chat widget in front-end
!   Fixed link color
!   Fixed IE JavaScript and UI errors
!   Fixed "hide when all operators" option
Version 2.0.5 - 19 December 2015
+   Added new "Question" and "Phone" fields into Pre-chat (login form)
+   New "first auto-reply" field into online chat options
+   Desktop notifications for operators
+   Operator status (joined or left chat) shown in visitor conversation
+   Chat button shows up immediately on page startup and update chat title when its connected to the database (Firebase)
+   Added new flag icons for chat console
+   Warn operator before page exit if the operator is online
+   Showing geo-location for visitors (included https users)
+   Added "re-login" and "reset" buttons in chat console to help you to refresh connections or reset all your chat data
*   Improved user connections reliability
*   Updated greeting/welcome fields in design chat options with "editor" style
*   Chat box is more compatible with major browsers
*   Chat box pops up when operator sends new message as long as the visitor didn't minimize the chat box himself on current page refresh
*   Added geo-location service to our Screets server that supports https requests
*   Removed other geo-location services 
*   Name visitor with IP addresses instead of random guest name
*   Custom CSS is in the HTML code. It has the lowest server impact instead of creating dynamic CSS file.
*   Checked with W3 validator
*   Removed attention grabber feature for this version
*   "Offline messages" link removed (temporarily)
*   Google Maps removed from options
!   Fixed "Button Size" option issue
!   Fixed default avatar issue. It shows "site logo" option as default avatar of operators
Version 2.0.4 - 4 December 2015
!   Removed duplicated strings and excluded "library" folder from translation
!   Fixed attention grabber
!   Removed insecure connection to geo location server if website use SSL
Version 2.0.3 - 3 December 2015
+   Form fields are customizable in design chat option (sortable, show/hide, required/optional and translatable)
+   Added "get_users" function in schat.firebase.js
+   Shows "new message count" on chat button when popup is closed
+   Added "del_session" function in schat.firebase.js
+   Added notification to offline form when an operator become online
*   Uses localdomain part of email (before "@" part) when no name provided in pre-chat form
*   Users list more stable now
*   Inactive users not included in to users list
*   Added function to clean up junk chats, inactive visitors and old sessions in every console initialization
*   Removed "delay" option
*   Removed "Offline Active/Inactive" option. Instead, use "Hide when offline"
*   Offline operators also has "star" icon like online operators
*   Changed "remove_user" functions with "del_user" in schat.firebase.js
*   Changed "msg-remove" event with "msg-del" in schat.firebase.js
*   Changed "msg-remove" event with "msg-del" in schat.firebase.js
*   Added "get_chats" function in schat.firebase.js
*   Removed "end chat" button from console. We'll add better functionality in the next updates for it.
!   URLs made compatible with SSL
!   Fixed "attention grabber" option
!   Fixed "popup size" and "padding" options. Its working now
!   Fixed missed icons in chat box
!   Fixed deleted conversation in console when visitor refresh the page
!   Fixed chat box size issues. It is responsive now
!   Fixed wrong unread messages count in window title (front-end)
Version 2.0.2 - 1 December 2015
!   Fixed known issues on PHP 5.4 servers.. Gosh !
Version 2.0.1 - 1 December 2015
!   Compatible with PHP 5.4
Version 2.0 - 1 December 2015
+   Completely new
+   Rewritten the core from scratch
+   Redesigned user interface
+   Developed in pure JavaScript (no longer depend on JS libraries like jQuery)
+   Emoji support across all platforms (Twitter Emoji)
+   Operator can start chat with web visitors
+   Operators can see geolocation, browser and OS info of visitors
+   Advanced visibility options
+   Advanced privacy options (show chat box to only specific user roles. ie. show only to customers and shop managers)
+   Added WordPress and JavaScript API for developers
+   Change online / offline button texts according to operators connection status
+   Hide chat box when all operators offline
+   Added attention grabber image
+   Customize forms (prechat, login and offline forms)
*   Removed PHP sessions (not using anymore)


  • + new feature/improvement
  • * functionality changes
  • ! bugfix
  • - deprecated